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Product: Custom Box with Printing

We used a creative printing solution to enhance the look of the product and maintain cost-savings for our customer.

Our customer wanted to elevate the premium look of their boxes by adding black printing around the base of the box. The most cost-effective way to do this would be with a process called hot stamping. However, we determined that the heavy coverage required by the design would not work well with hot stamping. 


We devised an alternative solution: we applied black material to act as an insert. As a result, we could hot stamp the ingredients on the bottom using minimal coverage. This meant the final look could be achieved while ensuring the customer saved on cost.



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Product: Custom Cylinder Cover

We were diligent in our efforts to meet a customer's need for a more beautiful cylinder cover.

Our customer wanted the silver cover of their container to shine brilliantly. We initially attempted a few solutions related to the gauge and opacity. When these options didn’t meet the quality standards we hoped to deliver to our customer, we continued to search for solutions. After speaking with both the material supplier and the converter, we found a way to achieve a look that made the customer exclaim: “I love these!”



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Product: Custom Cylinder with Printing

We put in effort to ensure the perfect balance of branding & product display.

We understand the importance of building brand awareness through packaging. We also know that branding must be in balance with displaying a product effectively and beautifully. With this customer, we assisted with the design process and made numerous samples until the customer felt the brand & product balance was perfect.



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Product: Custom Cylinder with Printing

We leveraged new equipment to solve a 2-part printing problem.

Our customer had two issues which we resolved with one solution. First, they needed the product ingredients printed on the cylinder. Second, they needed an effective way to show their graphics across the full cylinder. The standard way to address their first issue was creating a challenge for the second issue. The cylinder required an unprinted clear area to seal the bottom cap onto the container.


Our solution  was a new piece of equipment that used a welding process. We hot stamped the text. Then, die cut the material to create the bottom disc with the text. Then we ultra-sonic welded the bottom disc to the container. This had two advantages: it allowed for full print around the bottom of the container, and less solvent meant it was more environmentally-friendly.



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Product: Custom Boxes (+ Shipping)

By being open to customer feedback, we implemented a new way of shipping boxes that saved our customer time and money.

Our customer was looking for a more efficient way to receive his custom box orders. During box production, we typically run the bases first, and then the lids. Then, they’re shipped in separate boxes and often on separate pallets.


We were happy to hear an alternative idea from our customer about mixing the pallets: bases on one side, and lids on the other. In less than a week, we worked with our team and found a way to schedule the customer’s next order as suggested.



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Product: Custom Cylinder

We increased the gauge of the cylinder to enhance durability and feel while maintaining an appealing aesthetic for our customer's product.

Our customer needed sturdier packaging. They also needed the packaging to retain its luxurious look & feel. We determined that the gauge of their product, initially at 10, was not meeting their requirements.


We typically run 10 gauge and we knew we had the capability to make 12 gauge (20% thicker). So, we aimed to increase it to 15 gauge. After months of testing and machine modifications, we were able to produce the 15 gauge cylinder.  Having exceeded their expectations, the customer was thrilled to have exactly what they needed.

Family-owned for three generations & locally-operated in Brooklyn, NY. 

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