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EST. 1973



"I always go back to basics: Listen to your customers, invest in new equipment, and turn out quality products at a fair price."

Bernard "Bernie" Rubinstein

Founder, First Generation

My father, Bernard “Bernie” Rubinstein founded our company in 1973.  As much a family man as an entrepreneur, he named the new outfit Billie-Ann Plastics after me and my sister.


One summer day in 1979, I was watching a batch of custom boxes come off the production line. Having made my way through four years of college as a psych major, it was so satisfying to make something.


That evening I decided not to pursue my graduate school acceptance. The next day, I took my place on the factory floor.


 “Work hard,” he told me, “and don’t wait for things to come to you. Go out and make them happen.” 

So, just as my father did more than four decades ago, I bring my own brand of impatience to my work as the current President of Billie-Ann Plastics.

My top pet peeve is second-rate customer service. I don’t like when companies say "we can’t" when they mean "we won’t." (Even before they try.)


I believe customers always come first. End of story. And I prefer to run my business that way - the way Bernie wanted to and did.


My father still clocks in at the plant whenever possible. That’s because he likes to say: “The one thing I’ll never run out of patience for is making quality products.”

I share his sentiment, and I look forward to serving you. 


- Bill Rubinstein, President 

We're here

for you.

Our customers always come first. You're the reason we're in business in the first place. We're motivated to find the best solutions for you, and we strive to exceed your expectations at every point in the process of working together. 

We follow industry best practices.

Plastic cylinders and boxes were once made by hand-fed machinery, creating limitations in their design. As the equipment has advanced, so have our services. Today, you benefit from a range of options to customize your product.

Our company is locally owned.

Working with our Brooklyn-based team streamlines the process, making it easier for you. You'll benefit from unmatched customer service, shorter lead times, and direct delivery. You're also investing in our family and the local economy.

Our Values



We aim to create a positive environment where all employees and their families can thrive.


  • We fund the purchase of school supplies for our employees’ families.

  • We provide a flexible work environment so employees can take time to care for their families, including providing time for parents to support their children’s remote education.

  • We offer employees paid time off for the purpose of voting.


We recognize the importance of improving our community through partnerships.

  • We collaborate with local street artists to beautify our neighborhood by offering space to paint murals on our building.



We want to make a difference in people’s lives. 

  • We donated cylinders to an organization called Baking Memories for Kids. The organization sells cookies in order to fund trips to Disney World for children with cancer.

Bernard "Bernie" Rubinstein


As the first generation owner of our company, Bernie founded Billie-Ann Plastics in 1973. He believed he could bring a more visionary approach to the packaging industry, keeping the customer's interests at the heart of of the business.  Bernie is in his nineties now. He continues to think about the company he founded, how we can improve, and what new opportunities are worth our investments.

Matt Rubinstein

Vice President

Mathew represents the third generation of our company's leadership. He officially joined the team 12 years ago and looks for new ways to provide value to every customer.

Cary Ocascio

Scheduling Supervisor

Cary joined our team 7 years ago and works to get your order out the door as quickly as possible.

Bill Rubinstein


Bill represents the second generation of our company's leadership, officially joining the team 41 years ago. He's been running the show for over 25 years. He's motivated by customer satisfaction and looks to help in any way he can.

Laura Telesco

Head of Customer Service

Laura joined our team 12 years ago. She assists with the details to process your order and coordinates the logistics to get it to you as soon as possible.

Logan Rubinstein

Equipment Specialist

Logan represents the third generation of our company's leadership, officially joining the team 3 years ago. He oversees the proper maintenance and operation of our equipment, ensuring there are no delays in production.

Our Team

Family-owned for three generations & locally-operated in Brooklyn, NY. 

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