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Sustainability Statement

When it comes to environmental sustainability, we know that plastics are a challenge. But we also know we have to create solutions based on reality: the use of plastics is continuing. As such, we want to play our role in shaping the manufacturing and of them in a responsible way.  


We recently embarked on a zero waste initiative. Through this initiative, scrap plastic material gets recycled or is donated to organizations that can use it (e.g. Materials for The Arts). We are recycling production accessories that we didn’t recycle before, including hair nets and gloves. From these efforts alone, we’ve seen a remarkable 40% reduction in waste to the landfill. 


Waste Percentage Reduction graph

Plastics have a place in the conversation about sustainability. For example, plastic packaging is lightweight and has a smaller carbon footprint in transportation. By manufacturing out of our Brooklyn-based facility, we have a smaller carbon footprint than companies shipping overseas.  


Our packaging is also designed to be reusable, and we encourage our customers to communicate this on their packaging and in their messaging. 


We will continue to search for more ways to reduce our impact on the environment, and we invite you to share your ideas with us.

Family-owned for three generations & locally-operated in Brooklyn, NY. 

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